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Modern House Numbers and Letters
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modern floating house number
Modern House Numbers and Letters
Modern House Numbers and Letters
Modern House Numbers and Letters
Modern House Numbers and Letters
Modern House Numbers and Letters
Modern House Numbers and Letters
Modern House Numbers and Letters

QT Home Decor

Modern House Numbers and Letters

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  • EASY INSTALLATION - Requires no special tools outside of a hammer. Our modern house numbers and letters can be installed by anyone in a matter of minutes. It comes with a high quality mounting kit. Printable templates can help you visualize our numbers. They can be found in our Templates Page.
  • FLOATING APPEARANCE - Each letter is brush finished and have hidden mounting plugs that are 5/8" (1.5 cm) in length. These hidden plugs gives our numbers and letters a modern floating effect. When viewed from the front our numbers and letters seem to magically float.
  • SOLID STAINLESS STEEL - Our products are made of the finest 304 Stainless Steel. Unlike our competitors that use hollow or aluminium numbers we use solid steel. As a result of using solid steel our numbers and letters are extremely durable and made to withstand the harshest condition.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our numbers or letters we will immediately provide you a full refund (or replace your item). Order today to enjoy our numbers and letters.
  • DIMENSIONS - Each number or letter is 1/16 (2 mm) thick and have a 5/8 Inches (1.5 cm) long mounting post that gives our numbers a floating appearance. 

4 Inch Dimensions

    4 Inches (10 cm) height by 2-1/4 Inches (5.75 cm) width. Please note that the letters "a" and "c" are 3 Inches in height not 4 Inches and number 1 is the only number with 1.25 inches in width. 

      6 Inch Dimensions

      6 Inches (15 cm) height by 4 Inches (10.5 cm) width. Please note that the letters "a" and "c" are 4.5 Inches in height not 6 Inches and number 1 is the only number with 2.5 inches in width. 

      8 Inch Dimensions

      Inches (20 cm) height by 5.25 Inches (13 cm) width. Please note that the letters "a" and "c" are 5 Inches in height not 8 Inches and number 1 is the only number with 3.25 inches in width. 

      10 Inch Dimensions

      10 Inches (25 cm) height by 6-1/2 Inches (16.5 cm) width. Please note that the letters "a" and "c" are 7.5 Inches in height not 10 Inches and number 1 is the only number with 4.5 inches in width. 

      12 Inch Dimensions

      Inches (30.5 cm) height by 7-1/2 Inches (19 cm) width. Please note that the letters "a" and "c" are 9 Inches in height not 12 Inches and number 1 is the only number with 6.25 inches in width. 

      The QT Modern House Letters Collection will make your home stand-out with style. Our Modern House Numbers and Letters are easy to read from a distance. Our numbers and letters are made from the finest 304 Stainless Steel. The brushed steel finish will accent your home. Since the numbers and letters are mounted away from the wall, they appear to float independently and cast shadows upon the surface to which they are affixed. The ethereal illusion is made complete by the absence of visible screws.

      The QT Modern House Numbers uses modern font in the 4" size and is a classy addition to your beautiful home. The mounting kit is made from 304 Stainless Steel so none of the problems from cheaper alternatives snapping. There are no visible screws exposed.

      We are happy to handle custom design orders. We can create numbers and letters to meet your size and font requirements. We will work with you to create a handmade masterpiece.

      For further installation instructions please see the Instructions section. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us.

      * If you live in a salt water environment please make sure to spray a thin layer of WD-40 every six months to provide added protection to your numbers.



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      • I just received my set of QT 4”Modern House Number made of solid 304 (description on each the plastic box) and on of the 4 numbers had its box seal broken and it did not come with the small packet of plastic sleeves, but more critical the two stainless steel pins to screw the back of the number for installation. The other 3 numbers - the boxes for those numbers the seal had not been broken. I bought my numbers off of Amazon. It is possible to buy this missing small kit so I can install the house numbers? The two stainless steel pins and washers are critical to install and not have rust

        Hi, thanks for reaching out to us. We can send you a replacement screw kit at no cost to you. Please reach out to us at with your order ID and shipping address and we will send one out right away.

      • Are the 6 inch numbers available in white

        Hello, typically these are unavailable in white, but we may be able to custom create them for a large bulk order. Please contact us at to submit a custom order request. Thank you!

      • Is there anyway to get another screw for back of the numbers? I tried installing on my house and the anchors didn't work as expected. One anchor went in between walls. I have to figure out how to find better anchors and lost 1 screw to back of my number. Thank you

        Hi, thanks for your question! We would be happy to send you a replacement. Please email us at with your ORDER ID. Thanks and have a great day!

      • Alternatively, would you be able to provide 4 inch high “1338” house number with fasteners to be mounted on wood plaque. Letters would be raised 1/4 inch. What would be the cost shipped to Ontario, Canada. Please note that only the numerals and the fasteners are required. Many thanks

        Hi! Our numbers and letters are mountable on any surface in which you can drill a hole. Shipping is calculated at checkout for you. You can find them here:

      • I need 6 lower case 8 or 10 inch letters in addition to two numbers. Do you have more letters available than a b c d?

        Hi, We are able to do custom orders for any numbers or letters we don't have in stock. Please visit to submit a custom request form.

      • Hello, My name is Keir Hood and my company is Cresco, a home builder in Bedford, Nova Scotia. We are interested in purchasing your stainless house numbers in large lots. What price can you give me if we are ordering 100+ numbers at a time? Keir Hood 1 902 832-6666 ext 21

        Hi, Please email us at or visit to inquire about a bulk discount. Thanks!

        QT Home Decor

      • Does this come with hardware that can be installed into a solid rock?

        Our numbers and letters can be installed on any surface that can be drilled into. The included mounting kit is 100% stainless steel, just like the numbers and letters, so it will hold strong. We have had many customers report success installing their numbers and letters onto rocks.

      • Might these be used with an adhesive: metal mailbox?

        No not good for your purpose, as the backs are raised to be floating and screwed into any surface. Hope this helps. You can look at images of this style of floating numbers to see what the backs look like.

      • Can this product be installed on a stucco wall?

        Yes, you have two options. One is to drill a hole and use our mounting kit. The other option is to use glue. The drilled hole will offer more stability.

      • How are these installed exactly?

        Thank you for your interest in our products. If you click on the link below and go to the help section. You will be able to see our installation diagram and instructions. In a nutshell there are two mounting pegs on each number. There is then two nails/screws that are screwed into the mounting peg and then the nails/screws are inserted into the mounting surface.

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